Yoga Prana Vidya Level I

In Level 1

  • You are trained in the basic techniques of Yoga Prana Vidya

  • Learn ENERGY BASICS of Health to increase your WELL-BEING


  • Expand your QUALITY OF LIFE

  • Learn about the energy anatomy

This method uses the knowledge about the existence of the Energy Body and the Vital Life force that surrounds and permeates the physical body. It allows you to change your life through the understanding of energy. You will learn the basic knowledge about the energy body, that gives you the opportunity to gain a holistic understanding and a broad scope of the world of energy. The improvement comes from the application of techniques and protocols through the use of energy, chi or prana needed to strengthen the different components of the physical body and the whole energy system.

What you can learn in two days?

  • How to feel the subtle energy, as the different "layers" of the energy body and other nuances of the subtle energy can be evaluated

  • Fast & accurate detection of areas in which the energy of a person is impaired or where "energy blockages" occur - As all these are removed -

  • Learn how fresh vital life force is transmitted to our system

  • Inner calmness & silence achieved through invocation, prayer and meditation

  • Use the power of yogic breathing or Pranayama

  • Use easy physical exercises to improve your energy condition

  • Practical application of the energy for different every day needs

  • Activate your skills to energetic regenerate yourself & others

  • Learn lifelong tools to increase your well-being daily

This workshop will be held in 2 days or 16 hours.

The information is transmitted in a simple and clear way. Anyone who is interested can participate in this workshop. The goal is to be able to use the skills we learned immediately!