Yoga Prana Vidya - BPW : The Brain Power Workout

The Brain Power Workout

A very fast, effective method that uses the meridians, acupuncture points & yogic breaths to stimulate the brain. A series of simple exercises for people aged 5-99 years will be developed together here


The workshop "The Brain Power Workout" is about how to give power to the Brain.

The Brain Power Workout ‘STIMULATES


  • Weak performance?

  • Difficulties in concentration?

  • Bad grades?

  • Learning disabilities, dyslexia or other weaknesses?

  • Are the aging parents sometimes forgetful - and perhaps already unable to pay the bills at the right time?

  • Do your kids having bad performance at school?

If these or similar conditions concern your life, then this workshop will enhance the quality of your life and all your family members!


  • Parents and teachers of children with ADD!

  • Parents and teachers of children with difficulties in learning and concentration!

  • Adults with a lack of concentration and memory!

  • Students wishing to learn fast & produce high performance!

  • People who have test anxiety!

  • Employees who wish to have fast and effective results!

  • Managers who are looking for more balance and stronger Inner Brain Power for taking good decisions!

And many more...
  • Is an exciting alternative exercise, which can improve the quality of your life & also of your family members in all these areas.
  • The brain can be easily activated in just 2 minutes by ‘The Brain Boosting Exercise’! It is so simple that it can be applied also by a child!
  • It improves the memory’s performance, enables faster learning, sharpens the mind and our mental abilities and helps everyone to fully develop their abilities.
  • In just a few minutes The Brain Boosting Exercise’ Synchronizes and Balancing the two Hemispheres of the Brain and increases the ability to think quickly. In just this 2 ½ hour workshop, you will have mental strength simply by stimulating & increasing the ability to think clearer. Your confidence becomes stronger!
  • Is Giving your Brain the "muscle" it needs... you can "turn on" your brain and have a perfect performance in your life!
  • Is very EASY! and It can be performed anywhere!
  • You can practice it every day with no special clothing ... but please take off your high heel shoes...
  • ‘The Brain Boosting Exercise’ brings positive results: - for people in all jobs where high concentration is required, clear or sharp mind and the need for speed results. You can apply this simple yogic exercise in the office, at home, outside in a park, at the gym, etc...
  • It is for All! children, teenagers or adults on education, and produce positive results for their learning and studying. For students, we recommend to use up to three times daily, so to achieve a maximum improvement to their performances in a short period of time.